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Control flies and other annoying insects Safely and Effectively... since 1995!

R. Meunier, Rhode Island, USA

WOW!!!! something that finally catches flies. This thing is great. Thank you so much!

R. W. Cameron, Arizona, USA

Attached check is for 6 Rid-Max fly traps. I ordered one 2 weeks ago and have been using it in the yard and am amazed at the number of flies that have been trapped. It's a wonderfully efficient way to rid the yard of the nuisance of flies. I'm ordering one for everyone in the family.

R. Burgy, Ohio, USA

Just wanted to let you guys know that I got your fly traps in the mail. They started working just minutes after I set them out there. Absolutely amazing! That's one hell of a product you got there. Thanks a lot!

MH Kennels, Pennsylvania, USA

Being a dog breeder and a country boy, I have seen first hand the damage that can be done to our animals by flies. There is nothing quite as painful as a horse fly bite. I have used other flytrap devices in the past. The horrible smelling traps and the terribly inconvenient sticky tapes that stick to everything but what you want. After using the Rid-Max Fly Trap, I was simply amazed!!!! It worked immediately catching flies. There is no mess, you simply dump it out!

F. Rocca, Ohio, USA

This fly trap was baited only an hour before this picture was taken. Trap after 1 hour of use (from above)

I've been using the same Rid-Max Fly Traps around my farm and within my kennel area for over twelve years. Beginning in early spring of each year, we set the traps in strategic places, those best in sun-lit areas, and leave the traps in place until the first snowfall at the end of that year to curb the reproductive cycles of the various flies (and some other flying insects) in our vicinity. The results not only are very impressive, the Rid-Max Fly Traps also have proven to be consistently efficient.

Our fly population has been greatly decreased with proper use of the Rid-Max Fly Trap. I use fresh dog manure taken from the kennel area and place some underneath the various traps each day to bait new flies, which means no chemicals that could accidentally be reached by a child, a pet, or livestock. Once there are buzzing insects inside the netting, more insects are attracted to, and then trapped by, the natural pheromones produced by the trapped flies, as well as to the natural bait.

It is not unusual to catch thousands of flies per Rid-Max Fly Trap, each and every month during fly season. The bottom cone section of the Rid-Max Fly Trap is easily detached and reattached to simply dispose of the dehydrated flies which have accumulated inside the netting of the traps from their previous catches.

In summation: a Rid-Max Fly Trap could be the best $12 ever invested to make your animals more comfortable, and to be able to enjoy your yard without the misery of the constant bombardment and diseases of irritating and biting flies.

Frank C. Rocca II

Author & ADBA Conformation Show Judge

Wildside Kennels, N. Carolina, USA

Rid Max Fly Trap-Rid-Max fly traps are portable, re-usable, and use no harmful pesticides. These things really work! We keep a few of them set up around the dog yard and it keeps the fly population way down. Check out this site if you are looking for an environmentally safe fly control method.

Shar-Pel Distributing, Ontario, Canada

We live in a world that has become extremely conscious of our environment and what we are putting into it, and so we should. The fact that Rid-Max is environmentally friendly and reusable makes it one of the main selling features. Not only are we able to clean our traps quickly and without mess, we are doing a huge favor to our environment!

We are dog owners and it was a real annoyance with the number of flies that hovered in our yard. The test was to see how the Rid-Max handled this problem. We were amazed when we put the trap outside and within minutes we had trapped flies! It is a pleasure to sit outside and not be bothered by flies when we eat. We also noticed a dramatic reduction in the fly population.

As campers, the Rid-Max is a definite must and the fact that it is collapsible makes it very convenient to pack. Camping in certain areas of Ontario can be challenging when it comes to the flies. We set up a couple of traps around our camp and we are able to BBQ and eat in peace. The flies are still around, but they go to the trap and not to our food.

We are thrilled to be distributors for the Rid-Max! Not only are we providing a product that is easy to use and clean, we are giving our customers an effective pesticide free fly control method which helps contribute to the cleanliness and safety of our environment.


Shar-Pel Distributing

V. Odino, Italy

Fly traps are amazing!!!!! I tried one yesterday. 30 flies in 60 minutes. Thanks again!

B. Coleman, Ireland

I have recently purchased Rid-Max fly traps - they are terrific. I am really pleased with results.

C. Kamberlane, Switzerland

Hi, we tried out the Rid-Max in several places and it does in fact work very well. Everyone who tried it was impressed with the number of flies it caught. Many people in Switzerland live in close proximity to farms and flies are real nuisance.

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